Are You Ready To

Transform Your Life?

At some point in your life, you stopped dreaming and reaching for more.

You’ve been living life on autopilot. You may not even know what you want anymore.

It’s time to wake up and create the life you have always wanted!


Clarity Life Coaching will reconnect you to your true self and help you learn how to show up for yourself and others.

I will empower you to find fulfillment in your relationships, your work, and at home.

Does This Resonate With You?

 Your life doesn’t motivate you. It feels monotonous, each day like the last.


 In your heart of hearts, you desire so much more and have a longing for more substance.


 Get the skills and expert coaching you need to be released into your potential.


 Finally start experiencing dynamic results in your life and relationships more quickly and with less difficulty than you imagined possible.


Coaching works because it brings out your best. Coaches believe you can create your own best answers and are trained to support you in that process. Specifically, this is what I will do during your coaching sessions:


Your story is central. Coaches fully engage in what you are saying.


Coaches use questions to stimulate your thinking and creativity. Questions are about possibilities and the future.


Everyone needs encouragements, and usually we don’t get enough. I will hold up your vision, your progress and your efforts.


Coaches facilitate your learning and problem solving. They are never fully leading-you are, with your agenda and your approach.

Meet your life coach…

I know women and their challenges in life very well. I have a wealth of knowledge and insights from decades behind the chair in the salon.

But after 40 years in the salon industry, a career I had loved, each day began to feel like the next. Wash…rinse repeat! The only thing that I still really loved were the stories that were shared from behind the chair. The connections I made with these women were incredible. I knew I did not want to become a therapist … but then what? I was stuck and felt lost.

Then I realized that all this time behind the chair I had been providing support to and coaching my clients. 

That realization changed my life. 

Experience can be a cruel teacher, and if I had someone helping me when I was younger, I think I would have had to learn fewer lessons the hard way.

So now I have decided to use my own experiences, to empower women over 50 to live exceptional lives by providing tools for clearer thinking in order to experience breakthroughs and create deep fulfillment.

Together, we can navigate your way into living joyfully; feeling vibrantly alive, knowing who you are, what you stand for, and why.

Do you want to make an impact? If yes, I will help you become a visionary for your life. I collaborate with you to get balanced so that you feel grounded and empowered. We will find ways for you to take care of yourself and be in the best shape of your life, get spiritually connected, and at peace.

Women I work with wouldn’t trade in their well earned laugh lines to be younger because you have recognized how powerful you are from years of collected wisdom and becoming content with who you are. And yes, not only are you enough, you are so much more!!!

Does this sound like someone you would like to become? I would love to walk with you on this journey.

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what are people saying?

Catherine is in that small group of women that truly can connect to her client-she SEES you and HEARS you in a way that not many can.

This is a quality that cannot be taught, rather felt. I deeply resonate with her style and her ability to show care. Having a coach during the pandemic is a life saver and was met with grace and understanding. We had ALL of our sessions over the phone and I was consistently met with the same level of professionalism had our sessions been in person. My ability to work through tough situations with the guidance of Catherine enabled me to feel empowered. I will take all of the skills and tools I have to move forward and I will never forget my time with Catherine.
Dayna Taus MFC
Bend, Oregon

Catherine has really helped me move forward with recent health challenges as well as business-related concerns.

Her coaching style is thoughtful, intuitive and anchored in faith and spiritual integrity. Every session its own mini breakthrough! I would recommend her coaching to anyone who is needing external support and objectivity – which is everyone I know!
Kelly Happ Marketing Consultant
Denver, Colorado

I can't thank Catherine enough for listening to my goals and helping me achieve them.

She totally made me more aware of what’s important in my life and that the things that stress me out aren’t really worth wasting valuable energy pursuing. Catherine helped me establish boundaries where they really were needed. She validated that it’s okay to be true to myself instead of allowing insecurities to drive me to do what I think people might expect of me. She also helped me work through some difficult family dynamics!! I’ve already referred Catherine to a few friends. I do hope they call her, they will end their sessions feeling heard, with a sense of new found lightness in their life and have things to strive towards between each session. Thank you so much Catherine!! You have brought light into my life.
Katie C. Horse Trainer
Santa Ynez, California

Every single session I have with her reinvigorates my passions and rejuvenates my creative hopes!

“I don’t know many people that are as driven as I am to succeed in my career and to find harmony in my personal life. For many years, I allowed myself to believe I could do everything on my own without any assistance. I grinded away day after day, putting in the long hours and getting work done, but I still wasn’t heading in the right direction. That’s when I knew I needed someone to help steer me in the right direction. Catherine and I have a shared interest in jewelry making, which is what brought us together back in 2016. I have such admiration and respect for her as a person and as a creative person! As soon as she told me she was becoming a life coach, I knew instantly that she would help me formulate a plan that would set me off in the right trajectory. After 5 sessions, I’ve been able to come to terms with where I was falling short in my pursuits, and how some small behavior adjustments can really change my day-to-day living. Catherine is a natural empath, a nurturer of the human spirit, and my muse for motivation. Every single session I have with her reinvigorates my passions and rejuvenates my creative hopes! Anyone who has the good fortune of working with Catherine will understand how awesome she is!
Waylon Rhoads Master Jeweler
Quincy, Illinois

I felt heard, validated and safe sharing with Catherine.

Coaching has been extremely valuable in helping me identify specific areas in which I wanted to grow/change and includes goal setting, personal awareness and accountability with a focus on practical/applicable action steps in order to steadily progress. Each step of the way, I felt encouraged to stay focused on my 3 goals and keep moving forward at a realistic pace that worked for me. In addition, I felt allowed to be “human” when life events would arise which would take me off course. I was always able to get right back on track with Catherine’s support and guidance. Ending each session reflecting on a new awareness was valuable and encouraged both acknowledgment and celebration of growth! I felt heard, validated and safe sharing with Catherine. She is skillful at active listening followed by clarifying, thought-provoking questions.
Deborah Asato Operations Director Furnish Hope
Bend, Oregon

I loved my coaching sessions with Catherine and I highly recommend her!

Lesley Platak

After working with Catherine, I was able to see a future version of myself. And I was able to get my priorities in the right place to gain a better work/life balance which has been something I struggled with my entire working life.Catherine is easy to talk to plus, she is a very compassionate and empowering coach. I loved my coaching sessions with Catherine and I highly recommend her!
Lesley Platak Vice President, Grandfather Mountain
Banner Elk, North Carolina