As a Certified Life Coach, I believe this package is perfect if you are going through a major transition in life:

• You’re going through a divorce or the loss of a loved one and need help with loneliness, direction and renewed purpose.

• You have been unexpectedly put in the position of being a caregiver for a spouse or sick parents and need to find balance.

• You’re menopausal and need help with controlling your weight, emotions and other unpleasant symptoms so that you can feel good again.

• You can’t seem to gain control of your diet and exercise habits and want to gain back self esteem, self control and be in better shape than when you were younger.

• Relocation to a new area has left you feeling lost and alone.

• Can’t seem to get along anymore with the person you love most and want renewed closeness and excitement with them.

• Want to start up a business, or transition into retirement so that you can experience financial freedom.

• Would like to start dating again and choose a mate that has all of the qualities you’ve ever wanted in your person.

This Clarity, Commitment, Change Package is for the person who wants to make some serious changes in their life. Transform from super uncomfortable with your current set of circumstances that you can’t seem to rectify on your own, to a more confident, focused and motivated person.

Together we will:

✓Create an assessment→measure your progress.

✓Work on mastering your mindset→create a positive mentality where previously negative thoughts were allowed to fester.

✓Create your identity and mission statements→stay on course as you journey down your path.

✓Learn how to coach yourself when you encounter a difficult situation→help you make good decisions as you journey down your path.

✓Take the CVI* test and walk through your temperament type and how it relates to you and others. Discover compatibility and potential conflicts and how to navigate them.

✓Improve communication skills useful in all areas of life.

✓Learn deeper awareness about why you have always done things the way you do.

✓Recognize why you are not getting the results you want so you are able to make the necessary changes.

✓Vision Casting: Setting intentions for daily, weekly and monthly goals so you know exactly where you are going.

✓Daily and weekly assessments and choosing what to work on for keeping track of your intentions.

*CVI is a temperament assessment with a 94% repeat reliablilty scoring. This means the results don’t change over time. It is the most accurate temperament test out there as there are no situational questions. This is key because people change over time, but their core values and the way they are wired since birth does not change.

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6 months of weekly coaching. Unlimited email support. CVI* assessment testing ($50 value) included in this package.